March 20, 2023
Laura Unterberg, head bartender at The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club in Nashville, Tennessee, says she’s noticed the demand for non-alcoholic drinks rise over the last few years and doesn’t see the trend stopping anytime soon.

In fact, according to recent data released by NielsenIQ, sales for non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits amounted to close to $400 million between August 2021 and August 2022. Whoa! And as Bare Zero Proof’s “The State of Sober 2023” report notes, two-thirds of Americans consciously intended to drink less in 2022 for health and budget reasons.

After participating in Dry January last year, I felt so good that I decided to continue my non-drinking streak and haven’t looked back. I love that there are so many non-alcoholic spirits available so I can still create my favorite drinks at home without the booze.

A gin and tonic was always one of my go-to cocktail orders at the bar, so I was particularly curious to find out if alcohol-free gin would taste like the real thing. My verdict? They do!

I’ve tried a handful of options, including Damrak, Monday, Dhōs, Free Spirits and CleanCo, and am super-impressed by how close they come to tasting like actual gin. I’ve found that all of these options work very well as the basis for my beloved gin and tonic. I like to mix any of these NA gins with Fever Tree Tonic Water and garnish with a lime wedge. Simple and satisfying!