May 26, 2023
Named one of the best cocktail bars in the United States east, the Fox Bar and Cocktail Club is perhaps the most innovative inclusion on this list. An ever-rotating, vast cocktail menu is a source of constant excitement for any cocktail-inclined individual. 

All bartenders contribute to this vast creative endeavor as head bartender Laura Unterberg explains on Alcohol Professor: "Every bartender is encouraged to submit recipes, and then together we will workshop them to make sure that they are a perfect fit for that month's menu. Often we will showcase a new spirit, adding complimentary and contrasting flavors, sort of like a color wheel, to create balance."  

Currently, the bar offers an enticing variety of drinks, such as Howard's Cookies, which is a mix of white chocolate-washed Cobrafire brandy, spiced pear, Lillet blanc and shortbread. Aside from innovative signatures, the Fox Bar and Cocktail Club also prepares a range of classic cocktails, including five different takes on the old fashioned. If that doesn't demonstrate a bar crew that is in love with its craft, we don't know what does.