October 26, 2021
"Consider yourself lucky that Andrew Cook and Bryan Rushton, life-long friends as Massachusetts natives, chose Nashville as the city for The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club. This east-side watering hole began serving drinks in late September, and the neighborhood has since embraced them. “We wanted to do cocktails on a higher level — on par with The Patterson House, the first bar to bring that cocktail world to Nashville — and shoot for a high level of craftsmanship while having an environment that is beautiful, comfortable and relaxed,” Andrew says of the concept. Together, the pair created a space that is reflective of their personalities. “We take the business seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Andrew assures us.

The early-20th Century influence is immediately apparent, with intriguing interior design that creates a cozy atmosphere akin to that of a Prohibition Era speakeasy (or at least how we think of one today). The design team at 1767 Designs incorporated recycled wood (from Nashville homes and buildings), tables and tin tiles that come together to create an Art Deco-inspired space. Inside the dimly lit interior, nine bar stools, three high-tops, a small lounge area and plush velvet booths welcome drinkers to explore the craft cocktail menu developed by Will Benedetto, a seasoned Nashville bartender (and native) who is now mixing cocktails in New York City...."