June 02, 2023
Rice Vice was the only Nashville bar to make Esquire's 2023 list of the best bars in America. But we think a few others deserve consideration.

Here are some of our other favorite Nashville watering holes, sorted by atmosphere.
🍹 Fancy cocktails: Otto's Bar on Charlotte Pike or The Fox Bar in East Nashville

Don't forget the James Beard-recognized Attaboy.
🍺 Local brews: The double-whammy of Bearded Iris and Southern Grist anchor West Nashville's Beer Belt. (Although both breweries have other locations around town.)

☀️ Outdoor options: The TailGate headquarters near Bellevue is great for big groups or an afternoon hang with the family.

Rosemary & Beauty Queen's sprawling back patio is the place to be on a lazy Sunday.
🏊 Dives: Alley Pub in Bellevue, which comes by its name honestly.

Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge made Esquire's list of the best bars in 2020.
🤼 Pinball with occasional pro wrestling in the parking lot: No Quarter

🤝 Neighborhood joints: If you like bars that give off a "Cheers" vibe, try The Centennial in The Nations or Village Pub & Beer Garden in East Nashville.

⭐ Classics for a reason: Patterson House has been a local standout since it opened in 2009. A seat at the bar, where you see the bartenders work their magic up close, is still in the running for the best show in town.