March 20, 2023
January is the longest blustery cold winter month of winter months. Luckily to provide some toasty respite, situated in the second week of January on the 11th is Hot Toddy Day. We love us a good warm whisk(e)y cocktail to warm up our cold winter bones and the Hot Toddy is always a hug in a mug. To celebrate, we turn a spotlight on The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club in Nashville for their Hot Toddy variation, the Nine Tailed Wonder.

Laura Unterberg, Head Bartender of The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club, shares about the cocktail, “Named after Kitsune – the Japanese nine tailed fox demons; this plummy hot toddy is built in pre-warmed tins, before being served in warm glasses with hot and numbing cognac-soaked five spice candied pecans for a rich and soothing sip. The plum cordial is made to emulate the flavor of traditional early spring Ume-gently pickled Japanese plums. Utilizing a pecan eau de vie and Sherry to fortify the plum and give it a subtle nutty finish.”