December 06, 2023

The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club: Best Bar of the Year

Nashville has its fair share of bars, so it takes something really singular to stand out from the crowd. And the Fox Bar & Cocktail Club has what it takes. Yes, they make everything that isn’t alcohol in-house. And yes, the Fox colada with rum, white miso honey, sweet corn, and pineapple is probably one of the finest riffs on the piña colada that will ever grace a bar counter. But it’s the minimal-waste program here that sets it apart — in fact, they take waste from other places and turn it into ingredients for its drinks. Fruit husks are upcycled for citrus stock and spirit infusions, recycling is enforced, and all garnishes must have a long shelf life. So you can feel good about every single sip you take at this dimly lit 1,000-square-foot watering hole — and that calls for a few extra rounds.