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A Local’s Guide To Nashville

The Fox refreshingly counters some of Nashville’s other speakeasy-style cocktail bars, dispensing with the pretentiousness while holding on to the sophistication. Translation: There are plush-velvet booths, Art Deco ceiling tiles, old books and really, really good cocktails (plus a respectable beer list), and there is not a secret door knock required to gain entry or an FBI background check on your drinking preferences before the staff decides what you’ll be having. Is it the best Old-Fashioned in town or does it just seem that way because your self-esteem remains intact? Should the Fox still prove a bit much for your taste, walk around to the front of the building and try the dive bar, Mickey’s Tavern.

BTW: Make someone’s day by filling out a postage-paid, wish-you-were-here Fox postcard and dropping it in the mailbox on your way out.

The South’s Best New Bars

The Southern craft-cocktail renaissance is still doing boffo box office—the show’s run is now well into its second decade. But the stage direction for the current scene has seen a change in protagonist: “Exit: Mixologist. Enter: Bartender.” Or, more precisely, reenter bartender. The early acts of the revival emphasized the specialized handiwork of drink masters armed with eyedroppers and hand-carved muddlers and house-made this and that, served up in hushed temples devoted to the bibulous arts. These places offered a distinguished alternative in a milieu still hungover from a long dalliance with Long Island iced teas. But while the drinks were delicious, something had been lost among the mumbled incantations and muttonchops: that sense of feeling welcome, as if returning home, even if you’d never set foot there before.

The drinks magic remains (there’s no better time since the late 1800s to step out for a perfectly made Sazerac), but the new class of bar is bringing back the lost art of hospitality. Bartenders are acting like bartenders again, and new venues are taking some of the settings we’re familiar and comfortable with—the dive bar, the honky-tonk, the classic corner tavern—then adding to the mix outstanding cocktails, a wine library that runs quiet and deep, a mood that refuses to take itself too seriously, and bar food that doesn’t seem in the same genus as cheese fries. (Also, USB outlets.) By definition, new bars are, well…new. They lack the natural patina that comes with age. Yet many of these Southern bars, all opened within the past two years, will leave you feeling as if they’ve been around for a while. Put your feet up on the brass rail. Settle in for the next act….

Best Of Nashville 2018


“The charcuterie board is usually a forbidden zone for vegans, but The Fox in East Nashville offers a compelling plant-based alternative to the usual pile of animal products. Sourced from purveyors like Miyoko’s Creamery and local seitan slingers Be-Hive, The Fox offers everything from phony “pastrami” to smoked farmhouse “cheese,” giving vegans proper bar food in an intimate cocktail setting….”

The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club also placed in the top 3 for BEST NEW BAR and BEST COCKTAILS. Click the link below to see all the winners!

The 8 Best Speakeasy-Style Bars in Nashville

The lush, art deco decor of Fox Bar and Cocktail Club makes you feel like you’re in Jay Gatsby’s house rather than in East Nashville. The low ceilings, private booths, and intimate seating arrangements also make it a prime location to hole up with your honey and sip cocktails made with seasonal ingredients from local farms. If you’d rather make conversation, park yourself at the marbleized bar to confer with a bartender about one of their many inventive cocktails. Try the Pumpkin Fizz (apple brandy, gin, roasted pumpkin, egg white, nutmeg, angostura bitters, sparkling wine, lemon stock) and if you’re feeling peckish, order Fox’s award-winning vegan charcuterie board…

Surface Magazine "Destination: Nashville"

“The day for me often starts at Dose Café & Dram Bar. It’s one of the best coffee spots in town—it has a clean, minimal interior design and is always full of locals. The art deco vibe at Thompson Hotel’s Marsh House restaurant is an absolute must (same with the food). Nashville’s bartenders are super creative, way beyond what most people would expect, which is why I’ve been spending a lot of evenings at Old Glory and The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club. These places are more than just trends, they are becoming mainstays.” - Patrick Hayes of 1767 Designs

SUPERCALL MAGAZINE "Best New Bars of 2017"

"Plush velvet seating, rich wooden details and perfectly appointed vintage touches certainly makes The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club one of the most beautiful bars that opened this year. But this Nashville drinking den is more than just a pretty face. Inspired by global travels and the constant quest to find the perfect hangout, Bryan Rushton and Andrew Cook opened a place where you can drink exciting cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere. For the East Nashville community, the bar is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. “Both the public and our business neighbors have been fantastic and welcoming,” Cook says. The menu has our heads spinning with delight and features unique takes on classic cocktails, as well as signatures like the Dumb Blonde—made with Copper and Kings Brandy and Apple Brandy, ginger, lemon stock, lemon curd, dry curaçao, and Angostura bitters. There’s even a section of the menu dedicated wholly to Tennessee whiskey cocktails. But every season brings something new, and the looming holidays are no different. “The aged tequila eggnog is pretty exciting,” Cook says. “It’s been on Will Benedetto’s (our bev director) mind for quite some time, and now that the winter months our upon us, we felt it was the right time to unleash it. It’s nothing like the stuff you buy in cartons at the store; this stuff is special, and will blow you away!”

Eater Awards 2017 "New Bar Program of the Year Readers’ Choice Winner"

"After nearly a week of intensive reader voting, today we announce the winners of the eighth annual Eater Awards, celebrating the chefs and restaurants that made the largest impact on all 24 Eater cities over the past twelve months. Here now are the establishments — from raw bars and cocktail dens to live-fire neighborhood spots and out-of-town imports — that have taken the Nashville food world by storm. Thank you to everyone who voted last week, and congratulations to the winners of the readers’ choice and editors’ choice awards. Read on to learn more about this year’s best of the best. Editor’s Choice winners will receive an illustrious tomato can trophy via FedEx, along with a full feature on Eater in the coming year."

Nashville's Best New Bars

Fit for a fox, this intimate space on the ground level behind Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen in East Nashville is elegant, yet homey. Seated at the bar or in booths with blue velvet seats, guests can order shareable plates, like lavender goat tartine and vegan pimento cheese, to pair with an extensive list of drinks. The beverage program, designed by Will Benedetto, formerly of William Collier’s, features wine, beer, cider, Tennessee whiskey drinks, and spirited selections, like the Lemon Verbena Swizzle, with Cosair gin, absinthe, and Peychaud’s bitters...


Celebrate Jefferson’s Ocean Summer of the Shark in Nashville

It’s the Summer of the Shark in Nashville, with many of the best bars in the city serving amazing new cocktails made with Jefferson’s Ocean. This bourbon has been aged at sea to create a unique and irresistible flavor. What does this have to do with sharks? The first batch of Jefferson’s Ocean was aged on an OCEARCH research vessel as it traveled around the world tagging and tracking great white sharks. The ecological nonprofit helped to create a new style of whiskey as it protected the ocean’s apex predators.

Right now, you can register for Jefferson’s Ocean Summer of the Shark to get exclusive deals at participating bars, along with a chance to win a trip on an OCEARCH ship. The lucky winners might even catch a glimpse of Jefferson, a great white shark named after the bourbon for its continued support of OCEARCH. Win or lose, you can download a Summer of the Shark Passport for access to drink specials. Celebrate shark season at incredible local bars this summer—they’re a better place for it than the beach.

The Crawl: Nashville, TN

In the past year, Nashville, Tenn., has seen more than 100 restaurants and bars open, a number that’s expected to be surpassed in 2018. But even as the city’s drinking scene booms with newness, Music City still holds onto its past, with locals remaining loyal to many tried-and-true establishments—the honky-tonks and dive bars that support and carry on this city’s signature industry. So, whether you want an inventive cocktail and a high-gravity beer, or a little bit of bluegrass to go with your Bud Light, Nashville’s bar scene is here to deliver.

With so many choices, it’s best to take things one neighborhood at a time. Here, we break it down with the four essential drinking zones where you can discover Nashville, new and old...


The Indispensables is Liquor.com’s series devoted to the classic cocktails drinkers of every skill need in their arsenal. Each installment features one signature recipe, assembled from intel by the best bartenders. The Indispensables may not save the world, but it’ll surely rescue your cocktail hour. For such a pretty little drink, the Cosmopolitan has become the most maligned millennial of its generation—ubiquitous, utterly uninteresting and possessing a beauty that originates in part from the belly of a plastic bottle. Or so some say...


"If there’s one thing East Nashville doesn’t want for, it’s places to drink. Even so, the brand-new Fox Bar and Cocktail Club, hidden away behind Nicoletto’s Pasta Kitchen on Gallatin Pike, is a worthy addition. With low light and beautiful Art Deco design elements, the little bar offers a large, unique cocktail program designed by Will Benedetto, along with a charming menu that features an illustrated drink key.

 A lot looked promising when I visited The Fox on a recent weeknight. My bartender suggested the Appalachian Sour, but I told him, whiskey fan and native Tennessean though I may be, I’m not big on Jack Daniel’s. He’s not either, he said. A bit too much of the stuff in college. But this drink — mixed with Jack, the locally made Green Brier White Whiskey, lemon stock, charcoal, egg white, sorghum and gold flakes — masks the whiskey’s signature flavor well. The Appalachian Sour arrived in a coupe glass, with gold flakes glinting on its foamy surface. At $13, it’s at the north end of The Fox’s craft cocktail list, but it’s a beautiful drink, lightly boozy and perfectly refreshing without venturing into cloyingly sweet territory...."

Nashville Essentials: The Coolest Bars You Didn’t Know Were Green

Why Go You can lounge in large, round, velvet-clad seating and sip on elegant, boozy, stunning cocktails. Okay Gatsby… But seriously, the atmosphere is beautiful and the small plates are nothing to laugh about…lavender kettle corn anyone? 

Green? Down to the very floorboards. The entire interior was designed and crafted by the sustainable woodworking company, 1767. They upcycle wood from abandoned homes in Nashville and turn it into amazing art pieces…or in this case a killer bar. 

Fox uses citrus stock instead of fresh lemons and limes to reduce the waste generated by shipping tons of fresh, whole fruits to the bar. They use metal straws instead of plastic or paper—because a soggy, limp straw floating around in your drink is just not classy. They have wine on tap and utilize beer cans to reduce the need to recycle so much glass. They have an entirely vegan charcuterie board. And as if that wasn’t enough, dehydrated garnishes adorn the top of their cocktails and cloth stands in place of any paper napkins/towels. 

12 of Nashville’s Most Creatively Designed Bars

From the dive-y-est of dive bars to Broadway’s many honky tonks to crafted cocktails and bars without menus, at any given time or day, Nashville’s drinkeries run the gamut. No matter your craving – be it atmosphere or a specific sip – Music City promises it will be quenched. These are the coolest spots with beautiful bars for you to enjoy this weekend. Cheers!

Making Spirits Bright: Rorschach Negroni

The tennessean "Behind The Plate"

"One of East Nashville’s newest hipster hangouts, the Fox Bar & Cocktail Club, is known for its speakeasy-like hidden location and minimal signage, its Art Deco intimate spaces draped in leather and royal blue velvet. The Fox’s craft cocktail menu echoes what The Patterson House initially brought to Nashville: a well-thought-out cocktail you can’t get anywhere else. But take one look past the cocktail menu and guests also notice a menu designed to embellish and complement the cocktails and the hangout vibe of the place. The tiny, 10-by-12-foot kitchen space is run by the Fox’s culinary director Laura Gillway, who set out to make sure her cuisine wasn’t overshadowed by its liquid counterparts. We sat down with Gillway in a comfy booth at the Fox to talk about her newest venture...."


Master Platers: Spiced Apple Goat Cheese Tartine - By Laura Gilway, Food Director of The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club

The tennessean "5 To Try"

"Pumpkin Fizz offers the flavor of autumn in a distinctive drink. The Pumpkin Fizz will give you everything that’s wonderful about the autumnal holidays – namely, pumpkin and alcohol – and leave out everything that sucks, like fights with your family, squabbles over who’s cooking what, and eye-rolling over every other thing. Yes, family, I will still go around the table at Thanksgiving and make you each say what makes you grateful. It is my one annual respite from our usual rabid-coyote, pack-mentality sarcasm (which I love, but still) and IT. IS. HAPPENING. Might want to down a couple Pumpkin Fizzes first: Menorval Calvados, Bols Genever, roasted pumpkin, egg white, angostura bitters and Champagne."

Proof Branding: The 5 Best Bar Experiences in East Nashville

Talk about a curated environment. Hidden on the bottom floor behind Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen, this cocktail den is a gem you don’t want to miss. Every single detail has been thought out and hand-chosen. And when you see the space for yourself, you’ll understand. The bathroom even has cotton hand towels. It’s the details that keep me coming back, people. They even have vegan options for eats, too. The space marries elegant and homey all in one. The bar, seating, menus, and signage were all made by local Nashville artisans. They supported local, and so should you...

Nashville Guru

"The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club, a cozy cocktail concept from Bryan Rushton and Andrew Cook, officially opened in East Nashville on September 28, 2017. The Fox is located at 2905B Gallatin Pike behind Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen. Nashville Guru stopped by to get a look at the Art Deco design and a taste of the carefully crafted cocktail menu created by Will Benedetto. The space features a main bar, three high-top tables, several booths, and a sitting area for two by the front door. The design and build were done by 1767 Designs, showcasing their use of reclaimed wood from Nashville-area houses and buildings. Drive down the alley beside Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen — if you see the large fox mural created by Brian Wooden, you know you’re on the right path. The bar is located around back, below The Bowery Vault. Bartender Nick Dolan displays the highlights of the spirit-focused beverage program, including the Lemon Verbena Swizzle and the Pecan Pie-Tai. If liquor drinks aren’t your thing, The Fox also serves draft wines, beer, cider, and non-alcoholic beverages. The food menu features bites like summer squash tartine, roasted chickpeas, and charcuterie. Vegans will be happy to see plant-based meats and cheeses on the list, too."

ZAGAT: Hottest Restaurants and Bars in Nashville

This hip East Nashville cocktail lounge crafts inventive drinks using offbeat, seasonal ingredients, along with draft wines, sophisticated small plates and charcuterie boards. Stylish velvet horseshoe banquettes and brass fixtures add an intimate feel to the swanky space...

Dan + Shay - Favorite NAshville Tequila Hangs

Hands down, one of our favorite new bars in Nashville. The Fox is owned by our very own drummer, Andrew Cook, and good friend Bryan Rushton. Not only is the tequila selection on point, but the vegan food menu is one of the best in town...

1767 DesignS

After months of hard work, early mornings, late nights and a few headaches (lookin' at you, brass letters against brick walls), we're so excited and proud to announce that The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club is officially open for business as of tonight.

If you've been following along on our blog or on Instagram, you know that we've been working alongside the owners of the Fox for the majority of this year, designing and building out the space on Gallatin Pike in East Nashville. We hand-built every inch of this space from scratch, from the light fixtures to the tables, taking an otherwise charmless space and turning it into something that's full of Nashville history, interesting details and vintage touches. This was our first big interior design project after a few one-off installations and builds over the past two years, and it's only made us even more sure of this new direction that we're going in with 1767. 

Along with the Fox owners Brian and Andrew, we came up with a concept that we all loved: a cozy, laid-back cocktail bar that resembles a speakeasy only in its Art Deco style, but otherwise maintains a modern feel and attitude that's unique to Nashville. In our eyes, exactly what East Nashville needs. It will be a place to take a first date for modern cocktails, to meet up for a drink with old friends over charcuterie (or vegan charcuterie), or even to pop in for a nightcap after a show in town....

Where Nashville’s Biggest Food Fans Love to Eat

Food lover: Justin ReardenThe Reardenstein Collective

Favorite place to grab a cocktail: The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club. Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite cocktail here. Why? Because they update their menu each month with a new theme, so there is always something new and exciting to try.

No Password Required

"Consider yourself lucky that Andrew Cook and Bryan Rushton, life-long friends as Massachusetts natives, chose Nashville as the city for The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club. This east-side watering hole began serving drinks in late September, and the neighborhood has since embraced them. “We wanted to do cocktails on a higher level — on par with The Patterson House, the first bar to bring that cocktail world to Nashville — and shoot for a high level of craftsmanship while having an environment that is beautiful, comfortable and relaxed,” Andrew says of the concept. Together, the pair created a space that is reflective of their personalities. “We take the business seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Andrew assures us.

The early-20th Century influence is immediately apparent, with intriguing interior design that creates a cozy atmosphere akin to that of a Prohibition Era speakeasy (or at least how we think of one today). The design team at 1767 Designs incorporated recycled wood (from Nashville homes and buildings), tables and tin tiles that come together to create an Art Deco-inspired space. Inside the dimly lit interior, nine bar stools, three high-tops, a small lounge area and plush velvet booths welcome drinkers to explore the craft cocktail menu developed by Will Benedetto, a seasoned Nashville bartender (and native) who is now mixing cocktails in New York City...."

StyleBluePrint: East NasHVille Eats

Truthfully, we weren’t sure whether to call this section East Hill or Keeling Avenue — but we decided to go with East Hill. You may recognize spots in this neighborhood that have been around for some time, including The Cobra and Las Maracas. Just north of those spots, you will find a cluster of eateries and bars. Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen handcrafts small batch pasta, and at their Italian Kitchen on Gallatin Avenue, you can enjoy this fresh pasta with your choice of sauce and proteins or veggies. The menu also includes sandwiches and salads, plus a selection of items served until midnight. Before (or after) your late-night snack, hit one of the area’s watering holes: WaldenMickey’s Tavern and The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club. The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club opened in November of 2017, and Walden opened in spring of this year, both with hopes of being a neighborhood spot with tasty cocktails. Mickey’s Tavern is another watering hole with more of a dive-bar feel than its neighbors. Mickey’s opened in 2013 and has continued to be a hot spot ever since...

Domino Magazine

"Check out fancy drinks @ The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club...."

25 Best Things to Do In Nashville

Plan a quick weekend getaway or stay for a week – in NashvilleTennessee you won't get bored. Take a tour of the historic RCA Studio B where Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton recorded their tunes, shop at the vibrant Nashville Farmers Market, and explore the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum. Other top things to do in Nashville include the Johnny Cash Museum and the Fontanel Mansion, and a theater or music performance at one of the city’s famous venues.

Nstyle: Bright Ideas

Colorful cocktails to liven up your summer days...

Only In Your State

"This Moody Nashville Bar Is FINALLY Open – And It’s Gorgeous. The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club is Nashville’s newest cocktail bar, bursting with attitude and southern flare. Its Art-Deco style is elevated and chic, but the dim lighting adds to an aesthetic of moody romanticism. Located on one of the coolest sides of town and bursting with new, electric energy, this is one date spot and hang spot and show up whenever the heck you want to spot that’s perfect for any night of the week. Except Sunday though because they’re closed. The first thing you notice when you walk into this trendy, upscale spot is the decor. It's strong, trendy and yet timeless, a beautiful nod to another era. The interior was designed by local studio, 1767 Designs. When you visit, make sure take into account the stunning attention to detail across the entire space. From the leather chairs to the industrial lighting scattered across the space, it's a most enjoyable time warp. The cocktail menu will vary depending on the month, and the program itself was created by Will Benedetto, the same mind behind William Collier's in Marathon Village. You can visit for yourself from Monday through Saturday, beginning at 5 in the evening and stretching through to the wee hours of the morning. You can find The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club behind Nicoletto's at 2905B Gallatin Pike, in East Nashville."

Style home Page

"The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club has officially opened its doors and established itself as East Nashville’s new go-to spot in no time at all. A small, yet spacious area tucked away behind Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen on Gallatin Pike, the old-school glamour sets the scene for enjoying signature cocktails unique to the Art-deco-inspired bar. Initially born out of a conversation over the holidays between long-time music industry friends Andrew Cook and Bryan Rushton, the Fox now stands as the well-executed dream of the two Massachusetts natives, both now Nashville locals. With managing partner Kevin Sanders making the space feel like a home to all newcomers, Will Benedetto dreaming up cocktails (the two agree he is a “mad scientist” behind the bar), Laura Gillway heading up the dreamy food program (friendly to both meat-eaters and vegans), and a staff that immediately feel like friends, you’re likely to make The Fox your new “spot.” Anyone visiting would be immediately blown away by the design of The Fox’s interior, the creation of local 1767 Designs and Rushton’s affinity for antique finds. Sitting down to talk with Cook and Rushton, I was impressed by the attention to detail that characterizes every aspect of the business concept and plan— as well as the food and beverage programs."


At The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club, the beauty is in the details (and we're not just talking about their handcrafted cocktail list). From the lush, indigo velvet booths to the carefully selected hardware, walking into this East Nashville bar is truly an experience in its own. Owners Bryan Rushton and Andrew Cook have curated a space where visitors can wind down and feel as though they've been transported to a reality a little (or a lot) different from their own.

Tucked behind an Italian restaurant, you might initially have to make a U-turn if it's your first time visiting. But the anonymity is part of what makes The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club that much more interesting. We promise you'll forget that there’s a Taco Bell down the street (though that might come in handy when fourth meal time comes around). Andrew Cook sat down and gave us some insight into what gives The Fox Bar & Cocktail Bar it's undeniable edge...

Nashville Business Journal

Exclusive: East Nashville getting a new 1920s-inspired cocktail bar